2020 Ideal Expansion Level Discussion?


I posted years ago on the old forum on a similar topic, I know that all of us had an expansion that was perfect or ideal but nothing has been discussed here for a long time about it from what I can tell. (Or really at all, forum seems dead).

In light of the stupid changes that have been happening on retail the last few years and Ion’s pyrrhic war on flight, I think that after having played some of that and playing the Wrath expansion it feels to me like the ideal focus of cmangos or similar projects would be the MOP expansion for the following reasons:

  • Directx11 support
  • Updated character models
  • Graphic engine improvements across the board
  • Flying in the old world
  • Flying everywhere really except a handful of locations.
  • Contains the story and quests the vast majority of players enjoyed
  • Talents were still meaningful
  • Transmog! (Forgot about this)
  • More Heirlooms!
  • More engineering toys/mounts!
  • Contains content the vast majority of the player base stuck around for, I know sub numbers aren’t published thanks to Ion’s failures but from what I read its pretty consistently dead the last 3 expansions (Wod, Legion, BFA). Also world level scaling and sharding, gross.
  • Expansion 4 recently announced (Shadowlands) sounds like a polished turd as well… aka nothing on the horizon that would be considered possibly more desirable for emulation.

I realize there were obstacles to the developers and community to getting Cata/MOP working but I don’t think they were ever really listed or detailed in a way for supporters like myself to see. I would love some discussion on why Wrath was the high water mark and Cata was tossed, and why nothing has happened on MOP in all the years since.

TLDR - I was not a huge fan of MOP years ago but looking back from the retail lens, it does seem to be where the most bang for the buck can be found as of today.