A question on Talents



Ill start by saying I am new here and to the non-repack side of WoW emulation. I have had little to no issue getting set up and running so I would like to say thanks for all the resources. I have no background in programming and the likes but I am trying to be exhaustive in my research before asking questions. I am having a problem with talents/talent trees.

The Problem:
-Rank 1 Improved Slam | spell id: 12862 decreases cast time of slam by .5 seconds. EffectBasePoints1 -501. This works. However Rank 2 Improved Slam | spell id: 12330 which has an EffectBasePoints1 -1001 and does not actually work. This problem persists with any rank 1 improved spell like Thunder Master spell id: 16578 rank 1 vs 2-5 and similar which decreases lighting bolt cast time by .1 however only rank 1 works.

What I have tried:
So knowing that rank 1 of any talent works I changed the EffectBasePoints1 to -1001 for Improved Slam Rank 1 and only put one talent point in it. I get slam with a .5 second cast like rank 2 should. Thunder Mastery works the exact same way. Anticipation Rank 1 spell id: 12297 through rank 5 spell it: 12753 the +4 defense stat for Warriors work. Warrior crit% increase parry% and weapon specific crit% all work. So passive effects seem to work fine. With that being said I assume crit% for Lightning Bolt also works (being that it is passive). As previously stated I have no background in programming and this is all from just reading the tables and piecing things together.

I have not been able to change anything on Improved Slam Rank 2 to get it to work. I do not know if it is a very core level bit of programming that handles spells (again I dont know what I am talking about)

This could all be gibberish and I could be overlooking something very simple.

On a side note all classes can learn all spells regardless of talents minus Warriors. Im going to compare mortal strike and shield slam in the npc_trainer_template to see if there is something missing for all other specs (Enhance Shamans can learn Earth Shield). I will report my findings.



Update: I had a thought that perhaps the trainer was training rank 1 of talents allowing the ability to learn subsequent ranks, this is not the case. Mortal Strike works like is should, you cannot learn rank 2 without going the appropriate depth into the arms talent tree. I cannot find anything on the spell.dbc that mentions a required spell before learning rank 2. Warrior talents seem to be the only working example. Every other class can learn all ranks of all spells.


Re-Loading SpellAffect definitions…
Loaded 627 spell affect definitions
Spell 12330 (Improved Slam) misses spell_affect for effect 0
#There are quite a few more spells these are just the ones that I quoted earlier.
Spell 16579 (Lightning Mastery) misses spell_affect for effect 0
Spell 16580 (Lightning Mastery) misses spell_affect for effect 0
Spell 16581 (Lightning Mastery) misses spell_affect for effect 0
Spell 16582 (Lightning Mastery) misses spell_affect for effect 0

I found what I believe is the issue for improved ranks beyond rank 1. I will attempt to fill these tables and report back. Maybe answered my own question but still interested in other peoples thoughts.