Build errors in VS2019


I’m having some trouble getting wotlk built.

I get as far as building but get errors every time.

I tried building in VS2017 but CMake can’t seem to find the boost libraries when I try configuring.


What do?


I finally found the cmake - boost compatibility table.

I’m currently installing the right ones for my OS, that will probably solve the problems I’m having.


I actually ran into a slew of new issues and gave up late last night.

I ran into a MS build.exe missing but installed a 8.1 SDK but then I ran into this:

Has anyone else successfully complied on Win 7? Can you give me some tips?


I should mention:

I’m try to build on Windows 7
Cmake 3.13.2
Boost 1.64
VS 2015 (I also have 2017 and 2019 installed)

I was able to git bash all the files succesfully.