Why do you need a forum in 2018?


What is this gonna be used for?


Forums are a place where developers can discuss their code and fixes related to the cmangos DB also we are all working together as a team and this is a place to hang out. ALso not every one knows about discord and some developers refuse to use it. SO instead of losing the bond we have created over time we use forums to say hi and find each other.


You might be right finaly :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe i should remove this forum.


It’s good to have persistent discussions though :slight_smile:


Weeeeeeeeell, there are two sides to this coin:

  • What does “maillist-kind-of-thing” exist for anyway? What does IRC exist for? Think LKML.
  • We already have discord! Discord is faster, thus more responsive…

…yeah, but unlike gamer raid party – this is a development project. We, probably, don’t require speed rather than sorting. And sorting what forum does better.

Persistence? Well, unless you are illiterate with discord search function – it’s kinda persistent, but in a very ugly way.

In that regard, IRC has same pitfalls as discord. On the other hand, if you need persistence and sorting – why not to use something proper. Like ! JIRA, Trac, github / gitlab / bitbucket / whatnot-hub?

Apparently, because people don’t get the hang of it very much. And that brings us to the ultimate answer why forums are comfier and why LKML was mentioned at all:

HISTORICAL REASONS. Yes. It’s just that people got used to it, so they know how to deal with it. And whatever benefit can give you – it’s useless if you don’t know or unwilling to know how to use it.

So, oh well, i might not be able to spam all the way like i love to do – but for these guys who actually do stuff it will be more useful.

That’s what i think.

P.S. @Cyberium why not to move most important parts of wiki to this forum? FAQ, Install instructions, etc. – this will allow you to edit that shit with less hassle, keep track of it better, etc.

For same historical reasons as i explained above.

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